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Remove milia

Milia only look like blackheads at the first look. The stubborn skin nodules are cysts that should be specifically removed - but only if they bother you. Milia can occur at any age. Milia does not hurt and, strictly speaking, it is not a disease. However, if the nodules appear on the face and especially on the eyelid or appear in large numbers, they disturb sufferers considerably. Then they affect the attractiveness and are a big cosmetic problem.

How to recognize Milia:

BeautyJoy beauticians remove milia using a special procedure. For this, the nodule is opened with a tiny cut. This is done with a sharp cannula or a small scalpel (lancet). The practitioner then pushes out the keratin granule. The tiny wound usually heals without forming a scar.

Through regular professional visits of your beautician at BeautyJoy in Markkleeberg, milia that are just arising are usually removed easily.

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