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Eyelashes & eyebrows


Dyeing eyelashes:

Why dyeing eyelashes? It is not easy to find the right mascara for beautiful eyelashes. Either it irritates the eyes, sticks the eyelashes or hangs frizzly on the eyelashes.
In addition, the daily procedure, applying mascara on the eyelashes is time-consuming and is not normally succeeding at the first try.

Eyelash dyeing, on the other hand, has some advantages. Especially bright eyelashes are worth to be dyed. You usually need a larger amount on mascara to achieve a nice color result. But mascara can attack the fine hairs while frequent applying. Coloring eyelashes is often the gentle way to give color to the hair. You can go swimming with it without losing the color, or even you get into the rain and nothing runs with colored eyelashes.

To color eyebrows:

The eyes are enormously important for many people, because it is possible to show joy or sadness with the eyes.
Especially women try to win the other sex with their eyes and to flirt at the same time.
Beautiful eyes are often the key to private happiness. But also in professional life beautiful eyes often ensure that the self-imposed goals are achieved.

Color eyebrows with cosmetics

The eyebrows are an important part of the eye. If they are emphasized, the eyes appear larger overall and show more zest for life. In particular, if the eyebrows are very light or turn gray in old age, many women, but also more and more men use the opportunity to darken their eyebrows again. To avoid great expense, it is possible to retighten the eyebrows with a brow pen. You must take care that the color is distributed as smooth as possible and no dark lines are visible. So the eyebrows are and dark again for at least one day.

Dye eyebrows for the longer term

People who find this procedure too lengthy and cumbersome can dye their eyebrows instead. Since the hair of the eyebrows are very similar to the hair on the head, it is possible to work with the same hair coloring products. However, it must be ensured that the hair of the eyebrows is very short. Therefore, it often happens that the skin under the eyebrows is dyed too, resulting in an ugly appearance. The coloring of surrounding skin can be prevented when the hair dye is applied with a toothbrush for example. With that it is possible to control the application individually and to work small areas very well. Since eyebrow dyeing is difficult to do at home, it is advisable to seek the services of a beautician in this area. She has many years of experience in the dyeing of eyebrows and can do so professionally. As with the hair of the head, it is possible to dye the brows according to the wishes of the customers, who usually want a subsequent darkening. As a result, even the first gray hair can be covered very well. As the hair dye grows out over time and new eyebrows are formed, it is necessary to repeat the dyeing of the brows in regular intervals. For example, it can be used in conjunction with a facial massage, a regular facial peel or other facial treatments.

The price of eyebrow dyeing

Eyebrow dyeing is a very economical form of cosmetic treatment.
If the eyebrows are only darkened with a brow pin, the costs for women are barely noticeable.
With a permanent hair coloring in the beauty salon, costs of 20-40 euros can certainly arise.
But the hair of the eyebrows is also colored long-term, often an aftertreatment is only necessary in two to three months.

Pluck or grow a little beard

Bart is trendy - but only for men. For women, clearly visible hairs above the upper lip are an absolute beauty no-go. Nevertheless, the 'lady beard' is a widespread problem - but it can be solved well: A variety of cosmetic procedures puts an end to the nasty fluff.

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